Why We Focus on Immigration

Immigration lawyers do important work. It isn’t make-work. It isn’t fluffy. Still, some people think that immigration lawyers can be replaced by immigration consultants, by internet forums, or by advice from a friend who has achieved her immigration goals. We don’t agree. When you have a dedicated immigration law firm on your side, many great things happen.

Yes, it’s true that an immigration lawyer can identify immigration obstacles you face and help you overcome them. An immigration lawyer can make your applications and petitions stronger. An immigration lawyer can communicate with immigration officials on your behalf and persuade them to give you what you want. An immigration lawyer’s mere presence reminds immigration officials not to play games with you–by play games, we mean raise issues not merited by the law, use intimidation tactics, and more. An immigration lawyer can do all these things, and doing these things might lead to a quick approval of an application to get a visa, to get a Green Card, to get a waiver that allows you to enter the US, to get permission to stay in the US for a longer period of time, or to get something else. That’s all great, but the effect of an immigration lawyer’s work is often much greater.

Let us explain. The work of an immigration lawyer leads to

  • Better futures for families
  • Satisfaction that comes with really taking care of family
  • Happiness that comes with having a great job or career
  • Pride that comes with being an American citizen
  • America being a great country.

Better futures for families

Receiving a visa, a Green Card, or US citizenship often means that your close family can live, study, grow up, and grow old in the US–a great, safe, stable, prosperous, diverse, and entrepreneurial country, where the future is bright and people can do whatever they set their minds to.

The satisfaction that comes with really taking care of family

For many people there is nothing more important than taking care of their family, putting their family in a better position. To know that their children are getting a great education and going to have many opportunities to succeed is worth all the gold in the world. Moving their family to the US or doing what is necessary to make sure their family can remain in the US gives people the happiness of knowing they did something to really improve the lives of their families.

The happiness that comes with having a great job or career

Accomplishing immigration goals often turns into job or career happiness: that is the feeling you get when you have the career you want and the employer you want, when you are doing work you love and don’t fear being fired. That is a great feeling, a feeling that many people strive to get and don’t feel happy or whole without. We help people feel happy and whole by breaking barriers that keep them from working in the US.

The pride of being an American citizen

Becoming an American citizen makes many people full of pride and joy. At naturalization ceremonies, you see that pride and joy in the ear-to-ear smiles of people as they become Americans. Many people, from Elon Musk to Arnold Schwarzenegger, grow up with the dream of becoming American. Many people love what America stands for, the ideals it represents. It is a great pleasure to help folks become Americans, to enable them to feel happy, proud, satisfied, and complete.

America being an exceptional country

What makes America a great country? One of the things that makes America great is our diversity. There is perhaps no country on earth as diverse—no country with as much racial, cultural, and religious diversity. This diversity exists because of immigration. The immigration lawyer’s work, which includes helping people from distant places travel to America, live in America, and become Americans, is important work toward the goal of keeping America great.