Why Choose Us

People choose us because they know we’ll take care of them. They appreciate our skill, will, integrity, and focus on customer service.

You deserve a law firm that has skill in immigration matters—and, more important, the will to use that skill

We know immigration law. It’s almost all we do, and we’re devoted to doing it excellently. We have the skills to accomplish your goals. We will not accept your case if we don’t believe we can accomplish your goals.

But not only do we have the skill, we have the will. After all, what’s skill if you don’t have a fire in your belly and the desire to use your skill every time a new immigration file lands on your desk? Not much. Skill without will leads to cutting corners, going through the motions, half-hearted work. Don’t hire a law firm that doesn’t really care about you. You might as well keep your money; invest in the stock market, you’ll see better returns!

We have the skill and we have the will. We have the fire in our belly. We have the craving that our clients accomplish their immigration goals.

You deserve a law firm that prioritizes delivering great customer service

Customer service is our number one focus. It is a travesty that the vast majority of law firms are stuck in a competition with doctors and government bureaucrats to see who can offer the worst customer service—who can be the least responsive and the least dependable. We kick that model out the door. We put our clients’ experience at the front of our minds and pride ourselves in our ability to make our clients’ lives easy and free from stress.

You deserve a law firm that has something to prove

While we have helped clients accomplish their immigration goals since 2014, we are a fairly new law firm. We have something to prove, and our reputation is at stake with each client we serve. That provides great incentive for us to provide the high level of service that we are becoming known for. If you were president of a law firm like ours, wouldn’t you make every effort to exceed expectations? Wouldn’t you provide the very best service to each of your clients? We would too, and we do.

You shouldn’t go broke accomplishing your immigration goals

We offer great services that require only a reasonable investment—an investment in your future. We do this, because we don’t think you should go broke getting an expert to help you achieve your immigration goals. For this reason, we also offer payment plans. We also offer a 110% Approval-or-Refund-and-Then-Some Guarantee and a Full-Refund Guarantee for some services.

You deserve a law firm that is 100% on your side and has every incentive to get things right the first time

Ever had the experience of going to a mechanic and wondering whether he has your best interests at heart? Sometimes you might think your mechanic intentionally causes new problems or doesn’t really try to permanently fix your existing problems, right? You’re not alone. What’s unfortunate is that many immigration law firms are like mechanics—charging you for problems they should’ve helped you avoid and problems they may have caused. You deserve a law firm that is the polar opposite of your mechanic. You deserve a law firm that has your best interests at heart and has every incentive to provide the best legal work. FINTUS is that law firm.

How can you be sure? How can you sleep well at night knowing FINTUS is 100% on your side? Well, for some services, we offer a  110% Approval-or-Refund-and-Then-Some Guarantee. That means, either you will get the immigration benefit that you seek or FINTUS will lose money.

When you hire FINTUS you get a partner ready to fight for you against anyone who stands between you and your immigration goals.