10 Signs Your USCIS Interview May Not Be Going as Smoothly as You Hoped It Would

If you’re a foreign-national who has applied for some immigration benefit that requires a USCIS interview, the interview might feel like the Olympics, in terms of importance. You want to do well, of course. But, at the end of some interviews, a USCIS adjudicator initiates a fraud investigation; such interviews, to say the least, did not go well.

But why do USCIS adjudicators sometimes do this?

We’ll list ten aspects of an interview that can give the adjudicator cause for concern.

  1. You’re extremely nervousness
  2. There is over-interaction between you and someone else in the interview (e.g., between you and your spouse-petitioner)
  3. You lack of knowledge about basic questions
  4. You were late for the interview
  5. Your attorney or someone else (e.g., your translator) repeatedly prompts you to answers questions
  6. Your attorney or someone else (e.g., your translator) repeatedly interrupts your answers
  7. You appear uninterested
  8. You have trouble maintaining eye contact with the interviewer
  9. Your answers seem evasive
  10. Your answers seem general.