Can You Cheat the USCIS Background Checks and Get Away with It?

In the preceding blog post, we wrote about the subject of background checks—background checks that sometimes raise the temperature of USCIS interview rooms. This blog post will illustrate the background checks in action. In 2017, the Administrative Appeals Office examined the case of an Australian–we’ll call her “Kim”–living in the United States. Kim wanted to […]

9th Circ. Appeals Court Says Permanent-Residence Visa Denial for US Army Officer’s Wife Was Ok

This week, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals—the most pro-immigrant of the federal appellate courts—upheld the dismissal of US Army major Jerrid Allen’s lawsuit that challenged his wife’s immigrant-visa denial. (Generally, when one enters the United States with an immigrant visa, one becomes a permanent resident.) Allen claimed that the consular officer’s visa denial was […]