FAQ: For Persons of Extraordinary Ability in the Motion Picture or TV Industries, What Are the Basic Requirements for Getting O-1 Status?

To meet the conditions for O-1 status as a person of extraordinary achievement in the motion picture or television industries, you must have a great level of accomplishment in the motion picture or television industry (shown by skill and recognition significantly above that typically encountered), so great that you are recognized as outstanding, notable, or leading.

To meet the conditions for O-1 status you need not be at the very top of your profession. However, if you are only well-known, you may have trouble meeting the status’ requirements.

It is worth pointing out here that people who fill support positions within the motion picture or television industries may receive O-1 status. O-1 status, as it pertains to these industries, is not merely for people in those occupations that have the widest or largest responsibilities (e.g., producers or directors). Assistant directors, associate producers, set designers, sound designers, lighting designers, musical directors, costume designers, makeup artists, fight masters, and stage technicians may receive O-1 status too, assuming they show they have the requisite stature in their occupation.