FAQ: What Are the Requirements for Inclusion in the EB-1C (Multinational Executive or Manager) Subcategory?

Becoming a permanent resident through the EB-1 category is an option you may know of. There are reasons that the EB-1 category is an attractive option, a preferred option. Foreign national workers and their employers prefer the EB-1 category over some other categories because there is rarely a shortage of EB-1 visas and because the category requires no labor certification. 

But beyond being aware of the EB-1 category and attracted to it, many employers and employees who stand to benefit from the category cannot claim they understand it. And who can blame them? 

The category is not easy to understand: after all, the single category is, for all intents and purposes, three categories. To be more precise, the EB-1 category contains three large sub-categories. 

Here, in this blog post, we’ll look at the general requirements for one of these subcategories–the subcategory for multinational executives or managers. 

Inclusion in this EB-1 subcategory for outstanding professors or researchers requires that 

  • the foreign national worker has been employed, for at least one year in the preceding three years, not by the US employer that is files the petition, but rather by that company’s foreign subsidiary, affiliate, or parent company; and
  • the foreign national is coming to the US (or attempting to remain in the US) in order to work in a managerial or executive capacity.