How Much Does It Cost to Get a Marriage-Based Immigrant Visa Through Consular Processing?

Marriage-based Consular Processing is not free, but how much does it cost? We’ll answer this question here. 

The Short Answer

The short answer is that generally the government will require fees totaling $1,200. This total includes the following:

The Fee for the Form I-130 Petition
The Fee for the DS-260 Immigrant Visa Application
The Fee for the Affidavit of Support
The USCIS Immigrant Fee

A more complete answer

A longer answer would make sure to mention that there are non-government fees too.

For example, you, as an applicant for permanent residence, will have to pay for a medical exam (which is generally between $100 and $300).

Also, there are costs related to travelling to consulate/embassy where you will have your interview, costs related to ordering documentary evidence (including police certificates) that you must or should have, and costs related to other tasks necessary to put your best foot forward.

An even more complete answer

Further, it is worth knowing the costs that you may be beset with if you do things wrong and things do not go well.

These costs may include the monetary cost of submitting another petition, the monetary cost of submitting another application, and the monetary cost of seeking a waiver of inadmissibility.

Of course, the amount of time and energy you will have to spend–even if for example you hire a lawyer to apply for a inadmissibility waiver–will be very great.