Immigration Violators Who Are Inadmissible

If you hope to get an immigrant visa at a consulate abroad or you hope to get a green card from within the US, or you want to know whether immigration officials can actually deport you, it is important for you to know the basics about removability grounds.

In this post, we will look at who is inadmissible because they are an immigration violator (as opposed to those who are inadmissible because they have committed crimes, or those who are inadmissible because of national security concerns, etc.).

While it is not common for some inadmissibility grounds to present an obstacle (for example, the ground related to being a Nazi rarely poses a problem), the same cannot be said for immigration violations.

Here is a list:

Immigration violators

  • People who entered without admission or parole
  • People who were deported after a hearing and seek readmission within 10 years
  • People who have failed to attend removal proceedings
  • People who have been summarily excluded from the US and attempt to enter within 5 years
  • People removed after removal proceedings
  • People who departed the US while an order of removal was outstanding
  • People who have made a false claim to US citizenship
  • People subject to a final order under INA 274C (Civil Document Fraud Proceedings)
  • People who have made certain material misrepresentations
  • People who have been removed twice
  • People unlawfully present
  • People unlawfully present after previous immigration violations
  • Student visa abusers
  • Stowaways
  • Human Smugglers.