Jury Reaches a Verdict in the Case of the Rwandan Immigrant on Trial for Immigration Fraud and Perjury

Jean Leonard Teganya, the Rwandan man accused of immigration fraud and perjury.

We previously wrote about the case of Jean Leonard Teganya. Teganya is a one-time Rwandan medical student who prosecutors say tried to seek asylum in the US some 20 years after he fled his secret past as a confederate of the Rwandan civil war.

The feds charged Teganya with immigration fraud and perjury.

Today, the jury came to the conclusion that Teganya is guilty.

The Teganya case is an example that shows the reach of USCIS background checks and shows that sometimes the punishment for lying on an immigration application is worse than just an application denial.

The sentencing for Teganya will occur on July 1, 2019.