Our Customer-Service Focus

Customer-service expectations drop drastically when it comes to some trades.

When it comes to airlines …

Lost baggage, delayed departures, and high change-of-flight fees? Those are just normal, some people say.

When it comes to doctors …

They’re 40 minutes late for your appointment? They barely seem to listen to you? They have a cold bedside manner? That’s just normal, some people say.

When it comes to lawyers …

They’re not responding to your calls or emails? You feel uncomfortable or intimidated when you deal with them? You don’t understand what they’re talking about? Ah, that just means they’re good lawyers. Man, you were lucky they took you as a client. Right?

We don’t think things should be this way.

If we had to pick one thing that separates us from our peers, we’d pick our focus on delivering customer service that’s consistently great.

Our emphasis on customer service shows in how we respond to your questions and concerns, how we’ve designed our website, how we try to avoid using legal jargon, and how we frequently update you on the status of your case. That’s just to name a few ways.

We focus on customer service because we know how stressful immigration can be. You deserve a law firm that doesn’t make your immigration journey any more difficult than it has to be.