The Dummies’ Brief Guide to Supporting Evidence in EB-2 National Interest Waiver Petitions

Below you’ll find a list of evidence commonly included with EB-2 National Interest Waiver (NIW) petitions.
A word of caution: This list is not exhaustive. And, let’s not forget: not every NIW petition will need all this evidence.

The truth is what documents you will or should include with your petition will depend on many factors. You need a personalized strategy. You should proceed in your NIW petition by getting the help of an experienced law firm you trust and have an affinity. That being said, this blog post should provide you with an idea of the types of evidence that might support your NIW petition.

The EB-2 NIW immigration journey isn’t so bad when you know you’re on the right road.
You may already know, through the NIW petition and supporting documents you should establish your record of achievement and your influence in your field. But how do you do that? What do you show to prove your record of achievement and your influence?We’ll look at ten things.

1. Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are a crucial aspect of the NIW (National Interest Waiver) petition. Have recommendation letters that substantiate the claims you make in the petition and that comprehensively cover your work.

2. Publications and Citation Records

Depending on your field, to prove your record of achievement, you should include a complete publication record. (Keep in mind that publications and citation records will not be applicable to all fields, including the performing arts.)
The publication record should come with with a citation record to show the influence of your work on your field and to show that others use your work.

3. Conference Presentations and Proceedings

Conference presentations and proceedings can show your record of achievement and your influence. An example falling into this category is giving a talk at a prestigious organization’s conference. Another example? Participating as a panel member at a conference, when participation requires having outstanding achievements or a distinguished reputation.

4. Awards

An award can show your standing in the field and your achievements. Evidence of awards should come with statistics showing how many people the judges considered for the award, who the judges were, how many people won the award, and what the selection criteria were.

5. Media Coverage

Media coverage can show the influence of your work in the field and your achievements. The more prominent the media organization is, the better. But prominent media organizations do not just include New-York-Times-level organizations. A prominent media organization could be a jargon-rich, industry-specific journal, for example.

6. Funding or Grants

Evidence of funding can show the significance of your work.

7. Memberships

Membership in an organization that requires outstanding achievement can show your achievements, influence, and that you are a cut above the average bloke in your field.

8. Serving as a Judge of Others’ Work

Showing your role as a peer reviewer or as a judge of others’ work can show your achievements in your field.

9. Commercial Success

In the performing arts, sales figures can show your level of influence and your achievements.

10. Evidence of High Salary

A high salary can show your achievements.
So, there you have it! Ten categories of evidence to show you achievements or influence in your EB-2 National Interest Waiver petition.