What You Can Learn from the Wisconsin Family That Had to Re-Locate to the Gambia to Keep Their Family Together

The 24/7 news media is a powerful entity in many people’s lives. The media’s presence comes with societal benefits, to be sure. It’s certainly good for advertisers. But, there are also a lot of drawbacks. Some drawbacks are related to immigration.

If you watch the news or read the paper, you might get the impression that practically no one gets deported. You might get the impression that, after appeals, no one loses their immigration case. Sure, you may think, individuals and organizations have to fight against the government’s immigration BS, but the government always seems to lose in court.

And, you may think, people who get detained all seem to get out of detention eventually, this holds true for members of migrant caravans, for the Texas flight attendant, and for rapper 21 Savage, right?

And then you see news reports of activists confidently “schooling,” “sonning,” “pawning” ICE agents.

And you see reports of people going into sanctuary and remaining there untouched.

You even see planes carrying deportees turned around, seemingly mid-air.

So, what’s the problem?

These stories, especially given the paucity of stories regarding the many deportations happening and the undesirable immigration results that people suffer, can lead to poor forecasting, can lead to people thinking they were born to wear Teflon. This is why sad stories, like the one that appeared in a small Wisconsin paper this week, are important.

The Wisconsin Rapid Tribune reported the story of an American woman married to a Gambian national deported after he lived decades in the US. This month, the American woman, alongside her children, relocated to Gambia. It appears the American woman updated the newspaper about her move, and the newspaper then wrote the story. We should thank her for providing the update. Many people will benefit from knowing some of the unfortunate immigration results that occur.

Check out the story at the following URL: wisconsinrapidstribune.com/story/news/2019/03/27/immigration-wis-rapids-family-move-africa-after-mans-deportation/2811546002/