Palabras de sabiduría acerca de la demora en la inmigración de Bob Marley y David Allen

Para muchos extranjeros, incluso aquellos de alto rendimiento elegibles para visas o tarjetas de residencia basados ​​en sus registros de alto rendimiento, la postergación es un problema del que no pueden deshacerse, especialmente cuando se trata de inmigración. ¿Es que acaso esta descripción te recuerda a ti mismo? Es posible que te hayas estado repitiendo por un buen tiempo, que mañana iniciaras con tu caso […]

What Chris Webber Can Teach You About Immigration

The NCAA tournament, March Madness, is currently going on; it is a fun time for very many people who love basketball, love the sound of collegiate bands, love to reminisce on their days in university. The NCAA tournament has a long history, nearly 80 years. And, in this long history, there is arguably a moment […]

Which Types of Cases Can You Appeal to the AAO?

When a USCIS field office issues an unfavorable decision on an application or petition that falls under the jurisdiction of the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO), the petitioner or applicant (depending on the case) can appeal to the AAO. The AAO has appellate jurisdiction over about 50 different types of immigration cases, including types of cases that […]

A Slightly Deeper Dive into the EB-1B 2-Part Analysis (First Part)

Becoming a permanent resident through the EB-1B category for researchers and professors is an option for some. Beyond that, getting permanent residence through the EB-1B is an attractive option, a preferred option, too. Often, foreign national workers and their employers prefer the EB-1 category over some other categories because there is rarely a shortage of […]

How EB-1 Cases and USCIS’ Administrative Appeals Office Intermingle

The Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) has issued several decisions disclosing current adjudicative standards applied in EB-1 extraordinary ability cases. Especially relevant are the AAO findings relating to the criteria in the USCIS regulations. Under current rules, someone seeking EB-1 status as extraordinary ability individuals must meet at least three of the 10 regulatory criteria to establish […]

What Does a Petition Do for a High-Skilled Foreign National Seeking US Permanent Residence?

Many people do not understand what the employment-based petition is, why it’s necessary, and what it does. We’re going to bring some clarity in this blog post. Let’s get into it. For you to get employment-based permanent residence, US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) must issue a determination that you are eligible for an employment-based […]

FAQ: What Are the Three Sub-Categories of the EB-1 Preference Category?

Many employers and employees who stand to benefit from the EB-1 preference category cannot claim they understand it. And who can blame them? The category is difficult to understand. After all, the category, apparently a single category, is really three categories. To be more precise, the EB-1 category contains three large sub-categories.  Here, we’ll eliminate some […]